“Leadership comes from the hearts of community members — I simply want to give that message a clear voice.” —Citizen Gray

Palo Alto Weekly calls Tim Gray "best alternative" to a political Dynasty

"For voters looking for an alternative to Kniss, either out of principle or because of her views, Tim Gray is the best alternative. Gray is a CPA and financial consultant specializing in recovering overpayments by companies that have gone through mergers or acquisitions. He lives in south Palo Alto with his wife and three school-age kids, and he wants to contribute his financial skills to the city's budget issues and to evaluating development proposals.

Daily Post writes: "It will be a tight race between Berman and Gray"

From the October 8 Daily Post Opion: Editor declares "It will be a tight race between Berman and Gray."

"... Who will get the fourth seat? The two who will battle it out for the fourth seat will be attorney Marc Berman and accountant Tim Gray.

Berman is definitely a newcomer to Palo Alto Politics. While his occupation is that of an attorney, it is clear that his passion is politics. He did a good job of getting the endorsements from the Palo Alto 500, the term that describes the communities movers and shakers.

Gray tries a new shade of Green

My campaign has been known for being Green and championing the care for the Earth, but since the press associates "Front-Runner" status to a different kind of Green, I applied a different shade of Green.

I want the residents to know that I am sincere in my offer of commnunity service.

There is still a high degree of voter skepticism that the candidates will represent their best interest, so it is important that I show that I am independent, and that my motive is true community service.

Stand Up for Palo Alto!

Please accept a quick story that has sharpened my clarity about the City Council Election:

I was talking with a newspaper reporter about the election campaign and my 13-year-old daughter tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Dad, just tell them that you want to stand up for Palo Alto."

The Fix Is In ... but this Horse is not out!

Posted by Resident, a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood, 24 minutes ago

I strongly disagree with the Weekly's endorsement of so much old blood. I would favor new faces and in particular Tim Gray who is doing so much to reach out to residents and willing to put forward his common sense views on important matters that face us, namely the budget and infrastructure concerns. Tim Gray is like a breath of fresh air and it is a great shame that he was not elected last time.

ps I do not know Tim Gray and have no part in his campaign.

Thank you League: Candidate Gray -- League of Women Voters Smart Voter Guide Link


The League of Women Voters is one of the greatest contributors to local democracy. The above link is to the Candidate Information they post on the web.

Also, they host Candidate Forums so that voters can independently make a decision without just relying on Special Interest propaganda that has sometimes turned local elections into "anoitment by the powerful" vs. the sacred exercise of the free will of the people.

Palo Alto Neighborhoods Publishes Candidate Information On the Web -- Here is the detail

2012 City Council Candidate Questions
1. Reason for running: What are the top three goals you want to achieve in the next four years on the city council?
I am volunteering for a community service job. The Palo Alto City Council election is November 6.
No glamour -- just simple principles:
-- We need to prioritize City expenditures and make room for infrastructure reserves. In a word — Discipline. Responsible spending that makes room for repair of aging infrastructure. Build a future with sustainable financial balance.

Ready to Serve: Resume' For Timothy W. Gray, CPA

There is a need for a finance guy on the City Council team: My Professional resume' is attached.

Submitted respectfully for your consideration, a full resume' with all the details.

Tim's biography can be viewed at http://www.vote4gray.com/?q=node/17 .

Citizens' Priorities Must Decide How "Public Benefits" are Spent -- numbers must have integrity!


The above link is to the full Palo Alto Online story about a massive development that proposed to be built on Palo Alto park land and the train station near Stanford. The first part of the story is posted below, and then is followed by my comments.

"The City of Palo Alto and billionaire philanthropist John Arrillaga are pushing forward a sweeping development plan that would add a complex of four office towers, including one 10 stories in height, and a new theater to one of the most central areas of downtown.

Compost or Get Off the Pot -- Letter to the Editor published in February 2012

Letter to the Editor written in February 2012 and published in three local papers:

Now that Measure E has opened the door to using 10 acres of park land for a Compost Facility, residents must watch the City's actions closely to make sure that a decision is made quickly, and if the real financial merit of the plant is not feasible -- make sure that the park land is rededicated.

All concerned residents must insist that our leaders respond to the following questions:

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