A True Representative: Our Own Opinions Can Become Special Interests

Candidates are often pressed to offer their opinion on very detailed issues that are being worked on within the City Government.

How can one person figure out all the nuances of all the complex issues faced by the city?

My answer is that they shouldn't. To be a true "Representative", it takes great discipline to engage in community discussions with an unbiased and open mind.

In fact, watch out for candidates that have everything figured out, because their own opinions can become the Special Interest. A further danger is that problem-solving discussions get diverted into "being right" or "face-saving", instead of creatively solving problems that build a new future.

I am ready to listen. I am hired by large organizations to solve problems that have been stewing for years. I never try solve a problem before I arrive and have listened to all the stakeholders'voices. Simply stated: I don't do the job before I get there. Lasting solutions are never delivered without listening to all parties.

I may not "know it all" but I know how to offer a neutral mind that can "hear it all" and creatively find a unified vision that really works for the greatest good for all.

Idealistic? Yes! Practical? Extremely. Besides, we cannot anticipate what issues might come before us, so choosing a representative that values inclusiveness, justice and fairness can be the most effective way to know that your best interests will be served.