Independence Has A Price -- Free from Contributions and Endorsers

My campaign is a model of loyalty to the residents of Palo Alto.

I have chosen to be independent, in fact and in appearance, by not accepting contributions and not seeking endorsements.

That is a difficult way to Win an election, with so much Special Interest money flowing into the Council campaigns. Independence, in fact and in appearance, are so important for the Council to regain the trust of the residents, who have become extremely skeptical of City Government as "Mega Project" rise up around them, streets and sidewalks deteriorate, and leaders strategize how to pay for past excesses with debt that gets handed to our children.

With no conflicts of interest, I feel I can offer an open mind and be a true representative of the greatest good. One voice in nine Council seats does not control the direction, but I think there is room for a financial advocate on the City Council Team, and I believe I can offer a special blend of Advocacy and Cooperation to makes things at least one shade of Gray better.